Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's Official......

I have my first craving, I can't stop thinking about Taramasalata. Chilled, pink, fishy dip....

on steaming hot Pita bread....Yum, yum, yum.

Although, it is not very easy to find in this part of the world. In England you can buy it anywhere, supermarkets will often carry a couple of varieties. For the record, my all time favourite is from Marks and Spencer, along with their yummy mini pitas!! I am tempted to fly back just for that!!

So today it was my mission to hunt down some Taramasalata. Firstly I went to my local supermarket, they looked at me oddly and replied that they had never heard of it. Not to be discouraged I was sure that Whole Foods would stock it. Wrong again, they too looked at me strangely as they shook their heads. Hmm, I know, there is a Greek restaurant by my house that I have driven by a million times but never gone into. They are bound to have it.

So, that was my next port of call, I bounded in there hoping to find some wonderful old Greek Grandma sitting in the corner, jumping with sheer delight that someone else was as enthusiastic about her home made Taramasalata. But alas no, not a Greek person in site, which became evidently clear when they too looked at me in a weird fashion when I asked about the famous pink dish. I was now becoming desperate and asked her if she knew anywhere in Denver that I might just get my hands on some. Her words of wisdom were to try Yanni's, another Greek restaurant in Greenwood Village. I ran home, got Yanni's phone number and dialled the number excitedly. 'Please tell me that you sell Taramasalata?'.......................'Yes we do!!!' Whoa, Whoa, Whoa. That is where I will be going tomorrow to pick myself up a pot or two or maybe three. Who said perseverance doesn't pay!!


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  2. My favourite kind is the one that's served in the Mediterranean, eating al fresco & people watching. You know. Those beautiful places that you can travel to within a couple, or a few, hours from the UK. Ho hum!