Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Man of the Month

You may have noticed that I have not done Man of the Month for a while, the main reason being that I love Zachery Quinto and didn't want his wonderful face to leave my blog. But I feel it is time to move on and say good bye to Zach.

This month I thought our Man of the Month should be a French man, to be honest French men don't even have to look good, all the need to do is start speaking and I am smitten.

The joy of living in England is that Paris is only a 2 hour train ride away, (thanks to the Eruo Tunnel). It is so easy to zip off there for the weekend or even the day. I, like so many other English girls, got engaged in Paris. There is a standing joke that if your boyfriend wants to take you to Paris, that somewhere half way up the Eiffel Tower, he will propose.

Anyway, on to the French Men........

First up we have Vincent Cassel, I have just spent a few evenings watching his debut as Jaques Mesrine in Public Enemy Number One. Quite an amazing film and story, wonderful acting but beware, it is all in French.
Second on my list is David Ginola, a wonderful French Footballer, (soccer player). English girls think that he is the sexiest footballer alive and he is probably worth sitting through a match or two.
Third on my list is Alan Delon, I must admit that this photograph of him is of him in his prime, he is a grandpa now but to me, he is the perfect French Man pin-up. This is what French Men look like, (although obviously that are not all as gorgeous as Alan). Dark, broody and beautiful.
Fourth on my list is Jean Reno, I think he is a wonderful actor. I loved him in Crimson Rivers, Ronin, Leon and thought he was most amusing in Couples Retreat. I love his voice, I love his accent, I just think he is great.

Fifth on my list is probably the most famous French actor in America, Gerad Depardieu. What a wonderful actor, I loved him in Green Card but my all time favourite is him in the Count of Monte Cristo.
Lastly is Oliver Martniez, who didn't love him in Unfaithful and the way he stuck by Kylie Minogue when she got cancer. Good on you Oliver!!

But I have made my mind up, the Man of the Month is going to be Gerard Depardieu. What I truly love about him is that he seems to be really passionate about life. In English magazines, you often see photographs of Depardieu naked on a beach enjoying a picnic with some beautiful woman. I love that, he is not a thin man and his nose is the biggest I have seen in a while but I love his joie de vivre, his love of life. I think we could all take a few lessons from him, although I would politely decline the nude sunbathing part!!!


  1. What a scrumptious post, Tara! Thank you for introducing me to David and Alan!

  2. Roared with laughter when I saw first 'contestant' as he has reminds me of a certain man you know... Monsieur Le Prince Charmant. ***BTW I didn't know that you need lessons in naked sunbathing***

  3. Who was Gerard in The Count of MonteCristo?? I remember him from Man in the Iron Mask, but cannot for the life of me, place him in MC. Please help me. This will bug me till I know. Thanks. :o)

  4. Nikki, he was the count of Monte Cristo. Not in the movie with Guy Pearce. Gerard did a mini-series, it is fabulous and highly recommended. I have put the amazon link in the post, just click on the Count of Monte Cristo and it should take you to it.