Monday, May 17, 2010

Lucky Chuckies

I have been thinking a lot about playgrounds, mainly because I seem to spend an awful lot of time at them. I just think how wonderful for our children that the playground has evolved so much.

This is the kind of playground I grew up with, a see-saw, a rocket if you were lucky, some swings, a roundabout and a big slide. All laid upon hard concrete, no bouncy rubber flooring, no soft wood chips, just wonderful plain head-cracking concrete!!

To be honest, most playgrounds in England have not really evolved. This one is in the local park in my in-laws village. This photo was taken two years ago, see said see-saw, slide and swings. No round-about, no rocket but plenty of hard concrete albeit with a bit of grass if you really fly off!!
I would love to be child again and experience these wonderful playgrounds of today. They seem to have thought of everything. I suppose this is a modern day roundabout.

Super soft rubbery safe swings, notice all that wonderful soft wood-chip.

How much fun does this look, I know I would have been nagging my Dad to stop if I had seen one of these.
Super soft plastic slides.
Wonderful bits that move and shake.

I am lucky that all the playgrounds have wood chips on them, especially now that biggest Oompa Loompa seems to be fearless.
It is odd what we think about and I do wonder what my children would think if I took them to the old playgrounds where I used to play.


  1. I remember the playground revolution in the US...around 74/75. All of the sudden there were wood forts and bouncy platforms. Those bridges with chains and wooden slats...and yes, wood chips. Before that, I distinctly remember tall tall swings with wooden seats that slammed into your head when you jumped or slide off. Kids are so lucky these days!

  2. Tara, LOVE these adorable photos of your kiddies. be a carefree kid again :)