Friday, May 14, 2010

Spring in Colorado

I have been waiting for some good light to take a photo of the sketch prize but to be honest it has been a little gloomy. I must say I quite like gloomy weather, it reminds me of home!!

Spring weather in Colorado is rather wonderful, it seems to rain quite a bit, snow for a bit get a little bit windy and then be quite sunny. Sometimes you can see four seasons in just one afternoon.

But Mother Nature still knows it is Spring, the flowers are starting to grow, the leaves are returning on the trees and the birds tweeting seems a little bit louder - or perhaps I just made that bit up!!

This photo of Middle Oompa Loompa just sums up Spring in Colorado, I love it.......

So I just wanted to let you know my ideas on the new prize for the sketch competition, unfortunately without photos. I wanted to send the winner a two part prize, the first part being a prize, (some wonderful scrapping goodies). The second part I wanted to send a mini kit containing five scrapbooking items for them to make a layout, (for example ribbon, alphas, flowers, bling, paper). The only rule being that you can only use these products on your layout. I then thought I would send the same pack out to the next two winners. Once we have all three layouts, I thought I would post them on my blog and then we can all vote for whose our favourite layout is and the winner will be sent another little prize.

As with all these things, you never know if it going to work out until you do it. So I say that we give it a shot and see how it pans out.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, Prince Charming returns from London later this afternoon and I am hoping that his suitcase has a few little goodies in there for me. I did ask for an Aero bar and some Cadbury's Milk buttons but not to worry if he forgot, I did see both last week in the English chocolate section of World Market!!


  1. hi Tara! it is the french lady here!!
    i love your idea ! it is great to encourage more creativity and to challenge us !!! i hope i win this time and be the first to try out!
    here in savoie the weather is a bit similar, except for the snow! we are really cold right now!
    au revoir!

  2. I love your new price idea Tara! I just need to step it up, so that I can be the lucky winner one day!


  3. I think that is a great idea!!! i love it!

  4. LOVE your idea! It will be so fun to see what three different people come up with using just the five items you send! I'm determined to win soon so I can play along with that! Also love that we can all vote for our faves. :) On a weather note, I'm not sure it will ever stop raining in KC! I think we've only had one day in the last week that was sunny. On the other hand, I do love a good thunderstorm, and we've had some great ones this week!

  5. That sounds like a great idea! So much more fun to be had than just winning a prize. I love it!

  6. got to get back in the groove and enter this month! I love the sketch so it should be easy!! As I am up in this 'British Colony' I am assuming that our aero and cadbury are similar to the ones that you are looking for from London - the US doesn't have those??? pity!!! Ahhh, better for the waistline anyhow!! Have a great monday - if there is such a thing!