Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Project Life

I was wondering how you are all getting along, (those who are mad enough to undertake it!!) with Project Life? I can't believe that we are over halfway, are you all up to date?

I am very proud of myself that I have managed to keep up. I have slipped behind on both the photo taking and the journaling but have managed to catch up.

Some days important things happen but I forget to take a photo of them, (as above). I just do the journaling and add the photo to a 'must remember to take' list. Then, (even if it is weeks later) I can just slip it in the sleeve.

I am also very pleased to say that I have finally finished last year's Project 365. When I last broached this subject on my blog, I had to admit that I was six months behind on the journaling. I had kept up with the photo taking but the journaling had stopped around the Summer time. I have been slowly working away at it, doing a bit here and there and am thrilled to say I am DONE!!! Yippee.

Well worth the perservierence. I just need to add a little tag to the spine and I can put it on the bookshelf and not have it nagging away at me!!! Project completed.

I hope that your Project Life, Project 365 is going well and that you have not slipped too far behind. Have a very happy Tuesday.


  1. I started this but have let it fall to the side! I wish I had kept up with it! The same thing happened last year thought i did make it further into the summer.

  2. wow.. that's amazing. i was thinking about taking it on this year, but it's been a super busy one and I don't think I would have a chance to keep up with it. also most of my time and days are spent in front of the computer working away...lol

  3. I am running about 3 days behind at this point! I was so glad to hear that you have a list of photos to take and put in the sleeves a bit later...I find myself doing that all the time! It is a bit tedious right now, 6 months in, but I know I'll be glad later on that I did it! Congrats on finishing up last year's project--you must feel an incredible sense of accomplishment! Go Tara!

  4. I´m calling my album Project (new) life. This year I´ve sold my old flat, bought a new one, started a "normal" job after 3 years working full time in beating my depression, getting back to a normal adult life. So, for now my album is filled with plan drawings from my flat, wallpapers, photos, paint swatches and dreams for my new life. When time moves on I´ll add in photos from the work on making it into my personal Paradise, the first "crop and tapas" I´ll have, first dinner with friends made in my own pink kitchen and so on... I can not wait to look through it in a few years time, reflecting on the time passed :-)

  5. I do like the flexibility of Project Life, I have seen someone use it for her child's album. Picking certain weeks and including lots of art work. I would really like to do a Project 365 of food that we eat, taking a photo of Supper every evening. It might be slightly boring to flick through 52 weeks of it but I find the concept quite fascinating!! Maybe I should start with a week and see how that goes. Super pleased that you are up to date Erin, love your concept Siri, I think it is a wonderful idea. Piradee, you should definitely give it a go and Susan maybe you could just call in Project 182.5 a half year in the life. Also, now you could perhaps put the two half years in one album.