Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summer Cooking

I must say that I find Summer cooking a lot tougher than Winter cooking. I am not a BBQ Queen, I know that a lot of people just cook on theirs all Summer long, I wish I was. I have to try and find my inspiration elsewhere. When I was last back in England there was a wonderful cooking show on TV by Rick Stein, he traveled the Mediterranean and cooked up a storm with all the locals. He then brought a book out which my in-laws kindly got me and I have got to say that I am LOVING it. You can buy it over here at but as with all English cookbooks, there are no cups involved. You have to get your scales out!!!

I tried his Greek Omelette, so delicious. Filled with Feta cheese, mint, dill, and kale. It did call for Dandelion leaves, which I thought I would never find but low and behold, there they were in Whole Foods. In the end I just went with the Kale. I bought the Feta cheese in bulk which worked out a bargain, (also at WF) as I knew I would need some a few days later for my Greek Salad.

I then tried his simple tomato and onion salad, super simple and just so yummy.

I then tried his Greek salad, again super simple but truly tasty. I put it together with a little steak sandwich. I get the butcher to cut the 'New York Strip' super thin, about a quarter of an inch. It is so easy to cook then, just a few minutes each side in the frying pan BUT it also works out so much cheaper. There is nothing better than a steak sandwich on a bit of French bread, obviously with a bit of butter and mustard.

There are so many more recipes I need to try, I am wondering if the cookbook will get me through the Summer. Although, I have got my eye on another cookbook, good old Delia Smith's Summer Collection!! You must know by now that I am a cookbook addict!!!


  1. Can you come cook at my house - seriously :) I should send you the 2 cabinets full of cookbooks that are growing dust at my house - I seem to head right to these days. I won't invest in trying a new recipe unless it has received an overwhelmingly positive rating online - how sad :)

  2. I also have a collection of cookbooks but I can't cook anything much in them. My son is a VERY picky eater. He's 16 and will not eat anything green. Also, I love to cook, but I hate to clean the kitchen. LOL. Have a great day, Hugs, Jenny :)

  3. mmmmmmhh! yummy! that is really what we like eating here in the south of France!! if you come round to my home some day ( your are permanently invited of course!!) we could have a giant salad meal under the trees!!

  4. Mediterranean cooking wins, hands down. Whenever I need a quick fix Garbanzo Grill always manages to satisfy. I've taken to making tzatsiki recently & it's heavenly. It's just a shame, that gone are the days, when we could do a quick three hour flight & get somewhere truly fabulous. I love trying different culture's food but I always go back to food from the Med. Simple & delicious. BTW are you still into your 'tara'masalata???

  5. Rick Stein...I have such a crush on him. W/ your brother, I thought I saw him in the atrium of his fish restaurant and I COULDNT EVEN LOOK. Afraid I would tear up. Celebrities and food heros are safe around me!