Monday, October 18, 2010

Documenting the Bump

I have really tried to make an effort to take photos of my bump this time round. With all the others, I have got the odd photo of me being pregnant - nothing particularly special. I must say that I am loving this photo..............

..............well worth the effort and one to treasure. Have a happy Monday.


  1. Just perfect, Tara! I can see why you love it!

  2. Tara this is a very lovely picture and you look very beautiful and so does Gussi, Lots of love and I hope you are well,

    Bridghid x

  3. LOVE IT! I realised, this weekend, that I have loads of when I was pregnant with Beth but none, so far, of the new bump. I'm 27 weeks & still no photo of Daisy. Perhaps I'll get the paints out & Beth can cover her 'sister' with her hand prints... Must only be days to go for you now...

  4. What a gorgeous photo Tara! This will be so much fun to scrap :-)

  5. I think the results of the competition will have to wait!

    Good luck Tara!