Wednesday, March 9, 2011

First Day of Lent

So, have you given anything up for lent? I much prefer giving something up for Lent rather than at the New Year. I think 40 days is far more obtainable than 365. I am definitely giving up pancakes, I ate far too many last night!!

I only dropped one, lucky for Hooch, (one of my dogs)!!

Prince Charming was loving them.........

Little Oompa Loompa was loving them............

Eldest Oompa Loompa was loving them........................

Middle Oompa Loompa was loving them..............

And Baby Oompa Loompa just looked on in bemusement...............

Oh, happy days, until next year pancake day.

English Pancake Recipe:

150 gms of Flour
325 ml of Milk
1 Egg
30 gms of melted butter

Chuck it all in a blender and whizz away. Heat your pan, (not too hot) put a bit of butter in to grease it and then pour some of your mixture in. Swirl it around so that you get a large, thin circle and when it starts to brown - flip it in the air to turn it over. Brown the other side. Put it on a plate, pour some lemon juice on and sprinkle some sugar, roll it up and enjoy.


  1. I am not catholic, so I don't participate in lent. But the office I work at does. I make all their meals during the tax season. No meat on Fridays!!! Thanks for the recipe!! I will give it a go!! I love trying different foods! When we were in Disney World, I thoroughly enjoyed eating in England!!!! ;) A scrappy friend who lives in Wales mails me Green's & Blacks chocolate! YUM! My fav is the caramel filled ones.

  2. I try and start something new and positive for Lent - I'm a Good News optimist kind-of-Christian, I suppose - this year it's exercising. Actually we had pancakes this a.m., but I didn't make them from scratch. I've never tried them with lemon juice and sugar, sounds yummy.

  3. LOL, love the pancake flipping shot!

  4. No way! What cool picture of flipping the pancake! LOVE how you call your little oompa loompas. I think that would fit my daughter perfect! Haha!

  5. thanks for sharing! :) Cute pics.

  6. OMgoodness, that photo of baby OL is HILARIOUS! You so gotta scrap that one Tara!!!