Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How Old Am I?

I was just going though my photos and found this little number and I had to share it. I was with one of my brother-in-laws and I saw this chap with a gold handbag. He was obviously being a dutiful husband and looking after it for his wife but I thought it was soooooo amusing. It was the fact that he had the strap around him and was happily walking around with this shiny gold handbag.

Magnus and I could not stop laughing and I made him pose to look like I was taking a photo of him when really my eye was on the chap with the man-bag!! It was a sweet little moment that firstly reminded me of being 12 and secondly, brightened up my day.


  1. LOL! That guy should get the husband of the year award!!!!! The fact that that purse is GOLD makes it that much more funny! LOL!!

  2. ahahhahha!! c'est drole!!! sharing your laughter here!! is it the perspective of your soon to come BDay that makes you wonder how old you truly are???!!!:)

  3. oh this just cracked me up. happy birthday!