Tuesday, April 12, 2011

One Little Word

I had a little window yesterday, whilst baby Oompa Loompa was sleeping. I thought I better get on with my one little word as it has been slightly neglected these past two months. I really LOVE this project, it is very do-able and really makes you think about what it is you wanted to achieve at the start of the year.

My new favourite trick is to print photos onto card stock. Sometimes I really can not be bothered to go to Costco to pick up just one or two photos. I have tried countless times to print photos onto photo paper and am always soooooo disappointed with the end results, the ink always seems to rub off on my hands. So now I just grab some plain, (not textured) white card stock and merrily print away. That is what I did for these pages........

Eagerly awaiting May's prompt, although really not wishing the month away. I have my birthday next week to look forward to, Easter, two of my OL Spring Programs among many other little things happening in April. Yay, I do LOVE April.


  1. Oh...... your book looks great. Hmm....I just printed on cardstock myself yesterday..........

  2. Gorgeous! And love your dream fridge... funny how it truly is the little things sometimes.

  3. I agree--printing on photo paper never works for me either. I swear by Epson's Matte Presentation Paper--it is so crisp and clear! I need to get going on my "One Little Word" too. I am embarrassed to say that I have not done anything since Feb on mine! So, will May bring us a new Magpie kit??

  4. OOOO Your album is coming together so nicely...I haven't done anything on mine...maybe because I am struggling with my word a bit. Love that you printed right on cardstock...it looks fabulous!