Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Beach

My main reason for heading to the beach for our holiday was that none of my children have ever been to a beach. Totally unheard of living in England, (not that our beaches are anything to write home about) but an hour on the plane and you are at the most beautiful beach in France.

But speaking to my fellow Denver-rites, it is pretty common. I suppose it is what happens when you are land locked, where the local beach is a good 20 hour drive away.

So here they are, Prince Charming, the Oompa Loompas and my Niece, enjoying the beach.

The OL must have thought they were in heaven. Sand and Water, get as dirty and wet as you like - BLISS.

Ooh, frizzy hair - now that doesn't happen in Denver!!

I must say that I am loving the whole holiday thing.


  1. Everyone looks like they're having a wonderful time!

  2. looks like you are all having a blast!!!

  3. So so adorable! What a fantastic time!!

  4. As you would say ... 'quite lovely'! Can't wait to see you scrap some of these fabulous pics!