Friday, June 10, 2011

Yippe, we are here!!

250 miles and 6 hours later. The hardest part of the journey as we were just sick of being in the car. It was the most beautiful drive though, through the redwood forests.

Finally we arrived, at the beach house, just stunning. It was well worth the days it took to get here. Well worth the tears and the fighting and the lack of sleep. To be able to see the sea, to look out to the ocean, to hear the seagulls and the crashing waves.

I think we may have found Paradise. This evening we decided that we would leave Denver and move up here forever, become California Beach Babes. Catch all our own food and spend our days exploring the land.

I love holidays, already I have decided to give up my normal life and move into Disneyland and now I have decided to move to the beach. I wonder how many more places I will decide to move to before we go back home!!!


  1. so thrilled for you! There is NOTHING like the smell of the beach......always been my dream place to live like none other!!! Enjoy.

  2. Lovely. It looks as if you are headed to my home! I live in Eureka, Ca. We are blessed with the ocean and the redwoods. It is an amazing place for little people to grow!