Monday, June 6, 2011

Road Trip Part 2

On the road again, heading North through California, thanking my lucky stars that someone invented the car DVD player, not sure what we would have done without it.

We seemed to stop all the time. Someone always needed the bathroom or baby Oompa Loompa needed to be fed. Sometimes you just need to stretch the old legs. We also had to stop at EVERY Starbucks drive through, nothing like a Latte to keep you going.

400 miles and 9 hours later we arrived at our destination. We had driven from Los Angeles, past San Francisco to the outskirts of the wine country. We arrived at a little village called Petaluma, it was pouring with rain for all of our stay - I rather liked it. After living in Denver, it is quite a treat to have a bit of moisture in the air. Petaluma is a sweet little village, very green and lush and our Hotel had its own little marina.

Little Oompa Loompa and her new friend were very happy to be in Petaluma.

This was just a little overnight stop-off. We did have time to explore the town and stop at their local Starbucks. Then it was back in the car for our final leg of our road-trip before arriving at the beach house we have rented.


  1. nothing like starbucks to keep on the road!! Enjoy your beach stay.

  2. Sounds like bliss. Enjoy every moment - it goes way too fast.