Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Week in the Life

Are you playing along? Has Ali Edwards persuaded you to take on yet ANOTHER scrapbooking project? Bring it on, that's what I say!! Although, I am a bit of a big talker. Truth be told, I did attempt to do it last year and didn't even make it through a whole day, let alone a week. This time I am ready, batteries charged, pen and paper close to hand and most importantly, lots of subjects to take photos of. Great idea to do it in the Summer hols when the children are at home.

Here are a few of the photos I took today:

Baby OL sitting up, first time he sat up on his own - yay!!

Big brother giving a congratulatory hug for the sitting up.

Our trip to Target.

Stopped off at the playground.

All that sitting up must have been tiring!!


Me making a roux - lots of stirring.

Supper time.

Little boys in pants, (underpants) - you just can't beat it. Middle OL is nearly 5 and we can't seem to get him out of our bedroom. He's like a homing pigeon, he keeps coming back!!

So, Day One was pretty good. I must keep the momentum up, only 6 more days to go!! Have a happy Tuesday.


  1. You are rockin' this project! Adore the photo from Target sooo much!

  2. Great photos!
    Keep the spirit up till day 7 :)))

  3. love the idea!! so cool to get an insight of your daily life!!

  4. Good luck this week! Love the one of the baby conked out in the car seat!

  5. great photos! keep it going.