Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Princess Party

Last week, Little Oompa Loompa turned three. I can't quite believe it, she is my first child to have been purely raised in America - apart from the first few weeks of her life. I flew back when I was 36 weeks pregnant to have her in England. I then flew back here when she was three weeks old. Not sure what I was thinking at the time!!

Anyhow, she decided she wanted a princess party.

So, I got busy in the kitchen.

I saw this cake on Pinterest and knew that I wanted to make it. I just added the figures and the ribbon to make it look more like a princess cake.

I have been meaning to make these cake pops for ages, they looked a lot of fun. But they should come with two warnings. Firstly, they are incredibly labour intensive - lots and lots of steps. Secondly, make triple what you think you may need - as they are DELICIOUS.

Then, like with everything else in my life, I got carried away. I thought I was Willy Wonka!!! I decided I had to make marshmallow from scratch, (a lot easier than you would think) but very, very messy.

I also made cupcakes, mini cupcakes, jelly in little Ikea cups - as I said, I got totally carried away. But, I love a party and my little princess is totally worth it.


  1. WOW that cake looks like loads of fun to make and eat!!!

  2. So fun! You wanna do my birthday party next year? you get just the right amount of carried away for my taste!

  3. Yum yum yummy!!!! Looks like a great party for a little girl!!!

  4. That cake and cupcakes are fantastic!!! Perfect for a little princess!!!

  5. Audrey suggested I visit. Oh my gosh how cute is this theme. I love the ribbon around the cake. Great way to keep everything together.