Tuesday, October 11, 2011

OK, That's Slightly Weird...

I am always at the post office, sometimes three times a week. I like to go to our local one-man-band post office rather than to the big one. I have known the chap in there for quite some time, he helps me take all the boxes from my car, he is really nice.

Well, today we were chatting and he suddenly says that I live in a really nice house. OK, I think, he must know the neighbourhood that I live in, so I say 'Thanks". He then asked me if I wanted to know how he knows - so I said "Sure". He then told me that he got my address off one of my boxes and google earthed it. WHHHOOOOA THERE!! He then followed up by saying that I shouldn't worry, he is not stalking me. OK, that is slightly WEIRD. I feel it maybe time to find a new post office to frequent!!!

Bridget, (last weeks winner) has not emailed me yet. I will give her till the end of today and if I don't hear anything, I will pick a new winner tomorrow. Have a happy Tuesday.


  1. ummmm google earth has alot to answer for! useful at times but can be freaky.....

  2. Ewe! That is weird. First, why would he even care to check. And secondly, why would he tell you he looked?

    Um, yeah Tara, maybe a trip to the big post office wouldn't be such a bad idea!

  3. I am completely creeped out! I think you may have to hit the other PO!

  4. Yikes.........I'd steer clear of that post office.......