Thursday, October 13, 2011

This one's for you Jen.....

When I was on the scrappy retreat, I was telling Jen about a layout I made using one of the Ocotber Afternoon's Rocketman line papers. She's well into star signs, so I knew she would like it. So, I promised I would put it on my blog - so at long last, here it is.

I received a catalogue in the mail from Serena & Lily, they were selling star sign cushions and one of the pages was information on each star sign. I ripped it out straight away as I knew it would be perfect for my layout.

Da layout.....

I really liked the fact that each star sign is printed around the edge of the circle. I got out my square punch, got a few photos and then cut out each relevant star sign from the catalogue page. I then added a bit of bling - OBVIOUSLY. But, it still isn't finished. It has been sat on my desk gathering dust waiting for me to return to it. I would like to put some kind of journaling on there and also thought it would be nice to put some little stickers with each birth date. I thought I would show it as is, as I am not really sure when I am going to get round to finishing it.

Anyway, there you go Jen, my zodiac layout for you. Hope you like it. Have a happy Wednesday.


  1. will be scraplifting this one! I loooove it as I am totally into star signs too!

  2. oh this is cool.....................