Friday, November 11, 2011

Craft Fair - Item 2

Here is a little Santa Terrarium that I put together. Really quick and easy. I just glued some moss on the bottom of the vase. Then glued in Santa and the Tree and shook a bit of fake snow on top. Tied the ribbon and added some bells and ta-da........

Man, I am not sure what is going on. I showed Prince Charming it this evening and he said that I should keep it, that it would make a really nice ornament for the house. My mantra is...I have a table to fill, I have a table to fill, although it is kinda sweet. Anyway, my crafting must go on. Have a wonderful weekend.

Products used: Vase - dollar shop, Vintage Santa and Tree - ebay, Moss, Ribbon and bells - Hobby Lobby.


  1. Way to be supportive, Prince Charming! Yes, fill the table, girl. You can make another, with more time for detail. ;-)

  2. Well he has good taste. That is too adorable for words.......... I want one!!!!!!!!!!!!