Thursday, November 10, 2011

The School Craft Fair

I would say that I am a very eager person. Always eagerly coming up with fabulous ideas on what we should do. Parties to host, plays to see, events to go to etc. I get so excited and my tongue seems to overtake my brain. Then in the cold light of the day I wonder what on earth I have got myself into. A case in point is the school craft fair. I have been banging on at the school to do a Christmas craft fair for years. This year they agreed, I am now wondering if I was on drugs when I suggested it!! The fair is next week and I am super busy making things to fill a table of Christmas crafts. Not an easy task with baby Oompa Loompa around and I am not even sure if I am a crafter of sorts. Sure, I can put scrapbook pages together and even make the odd quilt but a Christmas crafter??

Anyways, I am inviting you on my creative journey this week whilst I create Christmas goodies to sell at the fair. I can not take any credit for the ideas, everything I am making I have seen on the web, unfortunately I can't remember where or who, so I do apologize to the creative geniuses who came up with the wonderful ideas, I am just the monkey. Although I will take the credit for blinging the ideas up, everything always seems so much nicer with a bit of bling.

Today I am going to share with you a Christmas Wreath that I am in the process of making. I have never made a wreath before but I blew the dust off my trusty glue gun and gave it a go. Must apologize for the first few photos, taking photos was an afterthought, (as you will be able to tell).

Started gluing down the balls, working in the centre first - slightly tedious at this stage.

I then found it got rather fun, once the base layer was down. It is sort of like a little jigsaw puzzle, finding little balls that fit into the spaces. Warning - try not to get hot glue on your fingers, it really hurts.


OK, I still haven't finished. I still have the top left hand side to do but I ran out of big balls and need to get some more. Now, I need to ask you a question. Do you ever make something and decide that you love it too much that you can't give it away? I mean, I think I rather love it and am not that sure if I can really bring myself to sell it at the fair. Mmmm - this is not looking good, I must keep reminding myself that I need to fill a table. What I really love about this wreath is the mixture of new and vintage balls, along with the adorable little santas. Oh - decisions!!

Products used: Foam wreath - Michaels. Plastic balls - dollar store. Vintage balls, santas, plastic flowers - ebay. Merry Christmas sign - Hobby Lobby.


  1. Just remember the second one is always better than the first... you can make yours even better. Beautiful work!

  2. gotta try this too thanks for the idea!!!!!