Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Michael Jackson Story

When I was younger, I loved Michael Jackson. In the Summer of 1988, I was on holiday with my family in the South of France. Some days my parents would take us to the beach at the Belle Rives Hotel in Juan les Pins. On this particular day there were two American children there, I was slightly older than them but we got chatting and started playing together. Building sandcastles, swimming, enjoying the beach.

A few hours later the children's parents asked me if I would like to join them for lunch. This was a real treat as my parents always made us eat at the next door hotel (as it was about a fifth of the price!!). It turned out that the Father was Frank Delio, Michael Jackson's then Manager. They were in France as part of the 'Bad' tour. Well, what can I say, not only was I on cloud nine that I was eating lunch at the Hotel but the fact that it was with Michael Jackson's Manager!!!

At the end of the day, Frank Delio asked me when we would be going back to England. I told him that it would not be until the end of the Summer. He asked me to give him my telephone number and that when I returned back to the UK, he would give me a set of VIP tickets to go and see one of Michael's concerts. Far too much excitement for a 14 year old girl!! That evening my Father had a little chat with me. He told me not to get too excited as people say things that they don't necessarily mean. That Frank Delio is a very busy man and although he meant well, he might forget.

Fast forward to the end of the Summer. We got back home and a few days later I received a call. I had missed Michael's concerts in London but there were two VIP tickets waiting for me to go and see him in Milton Keynes. Way to go Frank Delio, what a truly amazing man.

I went to Milton Keynes to watch the Bad concert, it was the most amazing concert I have ever been to. I don't think anything will ever come close. I still have my ticket and VIP badge. My all time favourite Jackson's a toughy, too many..........let's go with ' She's out of my Life' - Off the Wall.

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  1. "Rock with You" for me - same album. Supreme music but also because in the video he wears the most awesome spangly crew neck and leggings.