Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Chicken Jelly - to eat or not to eat?

My in-laws love chicken jelly. I have been amazed at the excitement that is has caused in the kitchen, especially when spread on a piece of toast. I must admit that I don't actually find it that appealing but I do feel that I may be missing out.

I always pour the excess fat and juices off a roast chicken into a jar, (I like to use the fat for cooking). Once the fat rises you are left with the chicken jelly at the bottom. In the past I have always thrown it away but feel that I should really give it a go.

Whilst contemplating whether or not to eat the chicken jelly on toast, I decided to cook some cookies. Love this recipe, it is super easy and the results are great.

I got the recipe from this book. It is probably the best cake and biscuit book I have ever seen. Susan Purdy is a bit of a legend and I have a lot of respect for her. She is probably the true 'domestic goddess'!! Unfortunately this book is now out of print but I managed to pick it up from Amazon through the second hand sellers.

I will let you know my chicken jelly decision but I am a little too full at the moment to think about it, too many cookies!!!

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