Friday, December 3, 2010

Get in the Photo

This year I have made a conscious effort to try to get into more photographs. My nieces and nephews came over for Christmas in 2007, I took well over 600 photos during the month and there is not one photograph of me. No evidence that I was actually there, obviously I was, I was just the one taking the photos. I love how Ali Edwards gets herself in her photographs by the use of mirrors and glass. I have been trying to master it, sometimes it works well and sometimes it really doesn't. I usually end up taking lots just to get a good one.

Eldest Oompa Loompa finds the whole mirror taking photographs most amusing!!

This one is very Ali Edwards, I must say it is a favourite of mine.

So, give it a go, try to get in your photos this weekend. Have a good one. xxx


  1. Oh so sweet! I love that you are getting into photos with your beautiful kids. I didn't do that enough when mine was younger, now I wish I had. Your babies are so adorable!

  2. Great pics , can't wait to try this and see if i can get some cute shots with my grandbaby. Also wanted u to know that i got my December kit , and i'm in love. i subscribe to a few clubs, and had to let you know that yours is tops. The december kit had me in smiles all day. I even took pics of it to do a lo on the joy of getting a package of paper and shiny baubles and how it can light up a scrapbookers day!! Thanks again for the AWESOME job u do --- keep it up !!!

  3. Gosh, I wish I would of done that with my littlest when he was tiny... the photo in the mirror with you and baby. Nobody will take photos. Or if my hubby does.. he has that camera crammed in my face, which I do not like. I am not at all, in the slightest, comfortable in front of a camera. Actually, I hate my photo taken. But, it is important. There are very few photos of me over the last 23 years. My oldest is almost 23!! Thinking about it... it is sad!